Breakdown VJ Loops and Visuals for Kalozy (DJ)

Hello everyone. Today I will talk about my project for deejay Kalozy. His is my client and He asked for me to create some #vjloops and #visuals for his new live show. The main idea around of the all loops is a 3d human and many psychedelic effects.

Okay!. After finalized the brainstorm and assigned the contract I started the project. In this production i don`t got create a storyboard and style frames. That project had a short deadline to around 4 days now that I created just only the approval file and send to my client and his feedback it`s very very good.

Schedule of production was it.

08/08 - 09/08 - Production

12/08 - 13/08 - Approval (send the 3 files to client w/watermark)

14/08 - 15/08 - Fixed all setting and send the final file to client.

The Structure of project was it.

1 - Loop 30 (seconds) // 15 seconds produced

2 - Loop 30 (seconds) // 15 seconds produced

3 - Loop 30 (seconds) // 15 seconds produced

Final file extension:

MP4 1920x1080 (H.264)

Final Version with Post-Production (Director Cut)

How I created that project?

Workflow with

+ #Adobe #AfterEffects #CC2019

+ #Blender #Blender2.8 #EeveeRender



  1. Only #After Effects with native effects and some other effects and Camera Animation (Cuts).


  1. Only #After Effects with native effects and some other effects and #Element3D


  1. Inside the composition of loop 3 has a glitch footage that I used #AfterEffects to create this.

  2. After that on Blender I put the all PNG Sequence (Render of After Composition) using the Import Image Sequence (Shader Editor) inside the plane (object).

Thank you.

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