3D Snake [Study project]

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

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3D Snake [Study project]

Today I will talking about my 3D snake study project that I created using this tutorial.

Curse Studio, it taught me how create the snake on Cinema4D with free 3d model that I made download on digitallife3d.org and after them input on Blender Software for delete all Snake`s walk animation and export how alembic format for open inside C4D. Then this one I created a rig using Cinema4D`s drop menu called character (reptile template) and after that I created joints (joint tool) but i didn`t use in my project because I don`t animate that snake.

screenshot of my project inside Cinema4D

The main part of my study project was a The snake scene composition. Because I understood How import the Snake`s texture (part of pack download) inside Octane`s materials and Input on my snake model, that it is amazing because the look its very real, all right!.

For that scene I used Forester plugin for create tree and grass, but in that scene i don't use because I got to create similar effect using Octane's displacement material configuration

Octane's node editor material inside Cinema4D

and for camera I used the configuration which is below.

Thank you guys!

and Thanks Curse Studio for that tutorial, was amazing.

I am talking from Brazil and is pleasure to talk to you.

My English in progress if you see any mistakes, please comment below.

And now is you, make the download of the my project and try you as well.

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Good luck and good trip in a new project =D

Please before download the project, see the your Cinema 4D configuration, for create the 3D Snake I used some plugins that can be you don't have . If you don't have any them or similar configuration, no problem, try with what you have and use just only how study project all right?, don't use how commercial project.








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