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Footage License Purchasing footage on Mainovoworks gives you the perpetual right to use the video files commercially for live performances, display on one or multiple screens, TV productions and broadcasting, online videos and streaming.   


Usage rights also allow for altering the video files visuals and technical aspects to your needs. The right of use does not give you the right to redistribute or resell the video files in any way. This license is a non-exclusive and non-transferable license between you and MainovoWorks. By purchasing and downloading content at or you agree and are legally bound to the terms of this license agreement.  


MainovoWorks has no responsibility for your Internet configuration, or configuration in general your computer ou edition island and for errors caused . In all projects is described what programs, plugins and scripts were used to create the project, please before downloading or buying any project or footage suits this environment to have a better performance.  


MainovoWorks has no responsibility for payments systems because they are made by third parties, please contact the one you used to make the purchase.  


Please, before making the purchase, make tests with the video test to see if your music or presentation fits the animations. MainovoWorks has no responsibility if your music, presentation or show does not fit into animations, visuals or vj loops.  

*I agree to the license and take responsibility for my actions.

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